August 16, 2015

After Parrrtaaay!

We would like to get a count of who all would be interested in continuing the party after the reception ends! Please send us a message if your in!

August 14, 2015

Intro - Team Bride

Meet Stephanie... a Bridesmaid

Stephanie and I met a year and half ago through a mutual friend. We have spent a lot of time together, exploring Indy. She convinced me at 28 years old to go to a college lingerie party, what were we thinking? We pulled it off though, Fed dressed as Tom Cruise from "Risky Business"! We’ve all shared some great memories and a lot of laughs.

Stephanie is very chill, goes with the flow. She’s also independent and adventurous! She went backpacking in Europe around this time last year. Her and a friend left with no defined itinerary, stayed in hostels and made every effort to mingle with locals. The girl had me a nervous wreck, she refused to take my advice…. Has anyone seen the movie “Hostel”…come on! 

Currently, she works from home for a great company and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Scott and Cat KeKe. 

August 7, 2015

Intro - Team Groom

Meet Dana... another "Groomsman"
Dana and I go back to the beginning of my new life in the US.  He was my second “gringo friend” since my arrival to the US.  Actually, Mike was who introduced us and since that moment our friendship has grown more every day.  Dana is a very genuine person and I’m grateful to call him my buddy.  All three of us (Mike, Dana, and I) have known each other since 2007 and we have created so many great memories together.  Dana was the first person in the US that got to experience my AIKIDO skills live (he was my human practice dummy for some time); sorry but I can’t go into further detail at this point all I can say is that alcohol was always involved LOL!  Dana is a pretty easy going dude who enjoys relaxing at home and watch TV series (like 24 or The Ultimate Fighter), he is a MSU fanatic (Michigan State University, football and basketball), enjoys watching UFC (can you see why he’s my buddy?), partying with his buddies (can you still see why he is my buddy?), and traveling.  Ladies, Dana is also single!

July 30, 2015

Intro - Team Bride

Meet Catherine... Bridesmaid

Before I even met Catherine I knew she would be pretty special. I admired the relationship between her and her brother and I couldn't wait to learn more about her. Their friendship gave me a clear indication of strong family values, which is something that is very important to me and my family as well. I have some great memories getting to know Catherine both in Ohio and Florida. But, the dearest to my heart is that she was there to share our joy when Federico proposed in California.
Catherine is beautiful, smart, funny and dang the girl can dance! She has a colorful personality and brightens any room with her upbeat charisma. I am excited that as our families blend, she will be my sister and friend. I am so grateful to have found the man of my dreams and even more blessed with the wonderful family that brings. 

June 30, 2015

Intro - Team Groom

Meet Mike... another "Groomsman"

Mike and I go back to the beginning of my new life in the US.  Mike was the first “gringo friend” (like we say in my country) I made since my arrival to the states in 2006.  I met him during my first assignment as a Maetrics Consultant in 2007 and since, our friendship has prevailed.  We have created so many memories together, including very interesting ones that I won’t share.  Mike loves motorcycle riding and drinking (can you tell why I like him? Lol), and occasionally playing golf… which he sucks by the way.  Another fact, he is currently single and ready to mingle! So single ladies, beware!