August 14, 2015

Intro - Team Bride

Meet Stephanie... a Bridesmaid

Stephanie and I met a year and half ago through a mutual friend. We have spent a lot of time together, exploring Indy. She convinced me at 28 years old to go to a college lingerie party, what were we thinking? We pulled it off though, Fed dressed as Tom Cruise from "Risky Business"! We’ve all shared some great memories and a lot of laughs.

Stephanie is very chill, goes with the flow. She’s also independent and adventurous! She went backpacking in Europe around this time last year. Her and a friend left with no defined itinerary, stayed in hostels and made every effort to mingle with locals. The girl had me a nervous wreck, she refused to take my advice…. Has anyone seen the movie “Hostel”…come on! 

Currently, she works from home for a great company and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Scott and Cat KeKe. 


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