May 23, 2015

Intro - Team Bride

Meet Brittany... Bridesmaid
Brittany and I met while I lived in Savannah, GA. We were both away from all our friends and family and we just clicked right away. Brittany has such a great personality, she can take any situation and make it a positive one. She looks at life in such a way that is inspiring to everyone around her! She made my life in Savannah so much more enjoyable and I thank her for that. I know as probably all of her friends do that you can always count on her to give you a straight answer. She stays true to herself no matter what and I think that's what makes me love this girl even more.

These days she's extremely busy in Virginia raising her beautiful daughter (mini) Alexia. The child is an absolute reflection of her no doubt. Brittany is working hard to complete her degree and in her spare time building chicken coops and raising goats.


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