May 13, 2015

Anita- Maid of Honor

Meet Anita "The Maid of Honor"

I have known this amazing woman my entire life. She is the absolute sweetest person you could ever want to meet. All through my childhood she was there for me, my mentor and idol. Some would say if she were walking and stopped I would run right into her, claiming I just followed her around like a little pet. Lucky or unlucky for her we lived just down the road from one another. Anita was the first one to introduce me to Freddy Krueger movies, which was a big deal! We were not allowed to watch horror movies in our house. The older we have gotten the closer our friendship has become. We've spent many nights sipping on wine and chatting for hours. We have a lot of great memories together.  I can’t imagine not having her right by my side on such a special day. 


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