December 26, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue Selections

August 22, 2015
Our Wedding Ceremony will be held at
St. Elizabeth Seton Church Carmel, IN.

When we initially moved to Indiana we hadn't been proactively seeking a church. We talked about the importance, but didn't make it top priority. After getting engaged we realized that it would need moved up on our "to do" list. We wanted something that was close by not only to where we live now, but where we would want to live in the future. While Federico was in Brazil, I took the time to look around and met with some staff members of St. Elizabeth. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt at
ease. We have been attending ever since. 

Our final selection on the wedding reception venue. It took several months deciding what state or country this grand event would take place. Once we decided on Indiana the touring of venues began. We went to over a dozen places and a couple of them twice. 

Federico attended every Bridal Show with me. He graciously carried the heavy bag with brochures from every booth! (whilst sipping on champagne) 


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